The Dryad’s Lover, Part Two

Tales of Magh Slecht

Calancia introduced Wolf to her grove as his strength returned. Dozens of small creatures chattered, warbled, tweeted and chirped to Calancia, and she spoke back. “Good morning, Finch. Good morning, Cuckoo. How are you today, Woodpecker?”

While Wolf was out the bird and squirrels stayed up in the trees, and the chipmunks and voles down in their holes. But Wolf had no taste for critters that small. Too many tiny bones and too little meat. He was suspicious, though, of the robins nested in Calancia’s branches, of the swallows living inside her trunk, and most especially of the jacks. The pesky little grey birds nested in fat pines outside the grove but appeared whenever he and Calancia went strolling. They’d swoop about in circles and make Calancia laugh with their chuck-chucks, whee-ahs and whistles. She even enjoyed their attacks on Wolf. They zoomedover himand

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