My Favorite Longform Stories of 2014


best longform of 2014

Herewith a few of the best longform stories and journalism I read in 2014.

The Scourge of the Peloton: On Tim Krabbé’s The Rider” by Matt Seidel, The Millions
Krabbé’s slim novel of a French bicycle race is one of my favorite books, and Seidel’s exegesis makes for a handy companion.

Henry James and the Great Y.A. Debate” by Christopher Beha, The New Yorker’s Page-Turner
Beha expertly dissects the hectoring around the (incredibly stupid) debate about whether adults should read young adult books. He also articulates why I won’t be reading The Goldfinch anytime soon.

No Time to Think” by Kate Murphy, The New York Times
Most Times culture pieces are pretty terrible (with the exception of those by Teddy Wayne). Murphy’s essay stands out for hitting a nerve familiar to most New Yorkers and Type-A personalities: our tendency to make ourselves busy–as opposed to productive–distracts…

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