It’s a Holiday Rerun ~ The Reindeer Ride!

Lynn Reynolds - Author

Last Christmas, my lovely and talented friend Rita asked for some Christmas stories for a special Twelve Days of Christmas series at her blog. This was my little contribution. Please remember that this story is copyrighted. I ask that you don’t repost it without linking back here. Thanks!


The Reindeer Ride

The snow wafted down on Pete’s head, gently at first, but harder as the evening wore on. He leaned closer to the little fire pit he’d dug in his corner of the Christmas tree lot. There were still an awful lot of trees here. People just weren’t in a festive mood this season.

It had been a bad year all over the county. The fish cannery up in Tilghman Heights had closed, its owners having moved their operations to a cheaper facility in Mexico. That meant over 300 folks scraping by on unemployment. A summer hurricane had destroyed…

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