In My Room – A Series of Silences

The Simple Pamphlet

I. “To Be Awake and Not to Be Awake”

There are always two partners in anything—sun and moon, boy and girl, black and white—and both essentially work together to fill in each’s purpose to maximum capacity, endlessly—for light, for life, for variety. The same goes for being awake and being asleep. I really like to sleep. If I could choose, I’d sleep for as long as I please and be active for the time I am not asleep. Silly, aren’t I? However, my reasoning may not be as silly as my fantasy sounds to be.

To be awake is to act and to do. It is to live physically. However, how can one physically live to one’s fullest extent without having a reason to do so? Without a purpose? Without the primary foundation?

“Think before you act.”

To be asleep is to enter the essential playground. To be asleep is…

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