Christmas Day and The Calendar

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Merry Christmas to all my readers and followers!

Christmas Day, for the majority of people from countries with a Christian tradition is celebrated on December 25. However, followers of the Orthodox church generally celebrate Christmas Day on January 7.

Orthodox Christmas

The reasons for this difference are interesting and, as I’ll discuss further in this post,  are more to do with the role of the church in society than with science. The solar year Astronomers call  the amount of time that the Sun takes to return to exactly the same position in the cycle of the seasons a solar year.  This period has been accurately measured as  365.2421897 days, to the nearest 7 decimal places.

solar year

A solar year is the amount of time from a particular point in the cycle of the seasons to exactly the same point in the following year (e.g from one summer solstice to next) Because a solar year is slightly longer than 365…

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