Against All Odds-book 2 of the Novels of Shannon/ chapter 2 part 2



Dave woke up sick, scared, and soaked in cold sweat. Thoughts of the conversation kept running through his head making nightmares of whom, and what, Shannon was. Childhood events added to it. He crawled out of the tent hoping for a fire, trying to shake the dream with motion or activity.

The fire was down to embers, but Kaava had gathered enough wood to build it back up and keep it going all night. Shannon was likely to have gathered more for the sake of the others. As much as the man hated fire, he always provided the wood for others to keep it going. Dave took his time building it up before he set to walking about the ruins. He needed to think and move.

He hadn’t gone far when he found tracks through the new snow illuminated by the twilight glow of the two moons. He followed them…

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