A New Year’s Drink

Bryan Hemming

Alvarez supermarcado “Best and funniest thing I’ve read all Christmas” commented Wendy Kate.

rangewriter said: “… Love this. I’ve shared it as a New Years greeting for some special friends.”

“I hate New Year,” Señor Alvarez grumbled, as he struggled to uncork yet another bottle of wine. “It’s always the same. People I haven’t seen since God was a boy waltz through the door making out they shop here all year round. They pick up a loaf, promise to pay me at the end of the month, and think that entitles them to a glass of free wine.”

The grocer’s grandfather had always marked the first day of each New Year by inviting customers to a tipple. His father’s blind adherence to the practise had made it a family tradition. An extravagant and wasteful family tradition its latest heir felt powerless to change.

“Half of them I don’t even recognise,” he said. “Who was…

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