Cookies (Chocolate Chips!) For Christmas


cookies c 2Hey there’s some kind of science behind making cookies I hear. I think I read it in the New York Times, or Science America, or that ever popular journal ‘The Science of Cooking Things.” Sure thing.

Now I think I get it. It depends on the butter right? The science of chocolate chips that is. The more butter, the better I guess, but that’s all relative. The less butter the more cake-like (wasn’t that a 90’s band?), and the more you get a chewier cookie. I think that makes sense, doesn’t it?  Also one egg? 2 eggs? I egg (whole) and and 1 egg yoke?  All sounds good to me, cake flour or all purpose?

You see in Thailand it really matters. No, not at all, because cookies have a few ingredients: a small amount of butter, flour, milk powder (I have no clue on this one) and maybe baking…

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