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“A man of a few words,” he said. “I hope I am expressing my feelings to you through my silence.”


Silence and words: two contradictory words with similar effects. How so? Silence is saying nothing. It’s non vocal, but can express a lot of feelings, which are sometimes stronger than the feelings words can express.

Silence can express pain.

Silence can express suffering.

Silence can express satisfaction.

Silence can express gratitude.

Silence can express humbleness.

Silence can express wisdom.

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To be silent can be the expression of many things, but how do we know what feelings the silence expresses? By looking at ones eyes, you can tell what they are trying to say silently. It is said that the eyes are the windows to ones’ soul, and it is true. The eyes have intricate movements and expressions that say more than a thousand words.

The expression of the eyes can…

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