White Christmas Forecast: Best Odds for Interior Northeast, Midwest and Rockies


By Katy Galimberti – AccuWeather

Upon the millions of Christmas cards that hit store shelves each holiday season, many are strewn with images of a homey dwelling tucked under puffy mounds of white snow.

While many dream of a similar white Christmas setting to fall during the winter celebrations, conditions do not always align to bring the picture-perfect snowy scene.

This year’s conditions bring the highest chance of a white Christmas for those across the Midwest, the Ohio Valley, the Rockies and portions of New England, according to AccuWeather.com Expert Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok.

White Christmas Probability in Eastern US

High pressure will keep much of the Northeast dry through the weekend so folks who are hoping for a white Christmas will have to look farther down the road for snow.

Areas downwind of the Great Lakes have seen a little snow the past few days, enough to at least…

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