Volcanic activity worldwide 22 Dec 2014: Bardarbunga Volcano, Kilauea


View of the eruption at Holuhraun this morning (MILA webcam)

Bardarbunga (Central Iceland): The eruption continues with little variation. The Nornahraun lava field is now almost 80 square km in size. An extensive lava tube system has formed inside it, bringing supply of lava to the outer areas.
Earthquake activity remains significant under the caldera, which continues to subside. Occasional quakes reach magnitudes above 5.

Aerial view from the NE towards the approaching lava flow front near Pahoa (HVO)

Map of the lava flow near Pahoa as of 19 Dec

Kilauea (Hawai’i): The June 27th lava flow continues to advance slowly, at a rate of approx. 100 m per day. The active northern flow front was approx. 800 m from the west edge of the Pahoa Marketplace and about 1 km from Highway 130, measured in a straight line.

The lava flow is now less than 1 km…

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