Racism Is Still Killing Too Many Of Us. It Is Time To Make It Stop!

Lean Left

It is two days before Christmas.  The day Christians celebrate the birth of the person they consider to be their savior.    Our nation is one of, if not the, most Christian nation on earth, if you believe the polls.  Over 70% of our population say that they are Christian.

As a result, we should be enjoying the holiday season and looking forward to holiday activities.  Most of us are, but there are way too many people who will be morning this holiday season.  These people have seen their loved ones gunned down and murdered by armed people.  The problem with these murders is that they involve the police.

We have had several well publicized cases of unarmed men, mostly African-Americans shot and killed by police.  We have also just had two New York Police officers shot and killed by a mentally ill person.  These officers are not the only police…

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