On Culture, Race, and Conversations.

Occupancy and Outcry

Weeks ago, I was speaking with two white friends about an issue of cultural appropriation. Just as I started to get to the important parts of the conversation, one of my friends interrupted to say that she did not think that cultural appropriation could possibly be “all bad,” because globalization has widened our horizons in so many ways. She then went on to ask what the difference between cultural appropriation and globalization is. In response to this question, immediately I had a lot of questions going on in my mind as well. I also knew that I was in for a situation during this conversation that has become all too familiar: me, one black woman, explaining an issue of culture to multiple skeptical white people. Regretfully, I eventually got frustrated with the conversation and gave up, but now that I’m reflecting back on it, I’ve got a few points to…

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