It Is Time For A Failed Policy Over The Last 50 Years To End

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Yesterday, the President announced an historic decision.  He announced that the U.S. will “normalize” relations with Cuba.  He plans to reopen the embassy in Havana, and is looking to relax economic and travel sanctions against Cuba.  After over 50 years of attempting, miserably I may say, to isolate the small nation to force a regime change, the U.S. is going to end its attempt.  Of course, conservative heads started exploding all across the country.

The embargo was first begun in 1961 after Fidel Castro took control of this tiny nation.  This embargo was actually passed in 1960 under President Eisenhower who wanted them because he feared a communist regime in Cuba, which could open the door for Soviet Troops being stationed just 90 miles off of our coast.  The plan was to topple the regime by imposing economic and travel restrictions thus destroying its economy and forcing the people to revolt.

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