Empathy or Outrage? As for Me, I’ll Choose Both…

The Dr's Out

The current state of our country greatly concerns me.  As a person of color, I’m well aware of numerous incidents of police brutality and unfair treatment.  By no means does this imply that police brutality is a common practice.  However it does elucidate the fact that unfair treatment exists… and is an unwanted reality for many.   I’m also aware of the two NYPD police officers (and many others throughout the country) that have lost their lives to senseless violence, all while trying to keep our communities safe.  We must strive for a society where neither exists! It’s really that simple… there has to be room in our hearts to address both issues with equal fervency.   Our race and humanity are two things  that cannot be separated and must coexist!  However, humanity has to supersede race.   We must understand that regardless of race, the unifying factor among us…

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